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A Big Thank You!

Bloggy Carnival Give Away is SO much fun!  I have been doing ok, not staying up to late or disregarding my responsibilities in an attempt to enter as many as I can.  I have added SO many blogs to my Reader, that I am going to have a hard time keeping up with all the daily entries!  But, I love reading about how others are living.  Many of the blogs I have added relate to my life in some way, either they are newlyweds, trying to live more green, trying to save money, or starting a family!  It’s great to read other people’s blogs & learn from the things they are going through. 

I also found out today that I won a Mod Mum Sling!  I am totally stoked becuase I LOVE babywearing!  Right now I have my gauze wrap (that I still need to sew a hem on) and 2 slings my Mom made me from my Peanut Shell.  My PS got lost but I have a Minkee baby blue sling & a cotton sling that were both made from the pattern of the PS.  I love both slings & my wrap.  Now I’ll have one more to add to my collection.  I’m still itching to try a mai-tai & a Duo.  Anyway, thanks to Heidi for this awesome give-away!


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An Awesome Organic Baby Gift Package

Wow readers! Check out Nature Mom’s Blog, her current give-away is AMAZING!  She has SEVERAL neat organic baby items up for grabs, all of which I’d love to have for my niece & for my future babies!  Check it out!

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A Free Coach Bag!

Wowzers!  This awesome woman is giving away a free Coach bag!  I hope you’ll go on over to Laurie’s blog & check out her about me, she seems great!

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Today was an INTERESTING day.  I had to be at Chrissy’s super early so when I got up I just started getting ready, no shower for me.  I got to Chrissy’s late b/c of a bridge opening.  Chrissy & Mandy left & I began sorting & putting away laundry.  The kids & I were lazy until about noon when we started eating lunch & getting ready to go get Chrissy.  When we got to where she was working (45 minutes away!) she called & said that she needed to go to Home Depot & then back to the job to finish up.  Timewise it was OK–but gas wise ugh!  So, that’s what we did.  Then we headed to Melanie’s to get ready for the beach!  Then we spent from 3:50 to 6:20 down at the beach.  That was fun.  The baby LOVES the ocean!  I made Chrissy nervous by taking her out, but she eventually calmed down.  Afterwards I took Chrissy home, got my stuff & drove home.  When I got home Tim was asleep on the couch & so I spent a bit of time online & listened to my story.  I took a long bath & we just ate some Lipton Noodle Soup for dinner.  It was good!

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This is an interesting looking blog.  They are hosting a Blog Give-Away Carnival event right now too.  You should totally go check it out & you could win a free back massager!  Who doesn’t want one of those?

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Wow–here’s an awesome BLOG!

Check out this food related blog.  I haven’t spent a lot of time reading it, but I’ll def. subscribe & save it for a rainy day!  She’s also giving away some great things for the Bloggy Giveaway!  So head on over to My Wooden Spoon & get reading!

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Hey–Go check out this cool company.  They make Vinyl decals & lettering AND their affordable! 

Just one more of the wonderful bloggy giveaways I’m participating in.  Here!

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