Bloggy Giveaway Carnival!

It’s my first time participating in the bloggy giveaway.  My blog is private but I love to meet new people & share my blog with them.  You can read my About Me post to learn more about me & see who I am.  If you’d like to continue reading my blog, please say so in your comment & I’ll e-mail you the password. 

Winners are Posted! 

My give-away will be one of my products that I am testing as part of my new work-at-home-mom venture.  Now, I don’t have any kids yet, but I figured why wait until I have a baby to get started on my venture?  So I’m starting now & hope to have a steady little flow of business by the time I do have a baby. 

Listed below are all of the things I can currently make. For this give away, all you need to do, is pick ONE of the options below & explain what you’d like.  I am completely flexible, since this is a new venture.  I do have a budget I’d like to keep the giveaway under, but will try my best to accomdate your desires.

Customized Scrapbook pages (One 8x 11.5 or One 12 x 12 page)
Sizzix Personal Die-Cutter Services from my collection of dies (up to 5 sheets of cardstock worth of die cuts) This choice has been removed.  If you chose it, I will honor it since this is a freebie.  I just found out (from my Mom) that Sizzix has a license that prohibits the sale of their cuts.  Sorry! 
Custom Gift or Note Cards (2 custom cards)
Custom Greeting Cards (2 custom cards)
Custom Thank You Cards (2 custom cards)
Custom Gift Tags (5 custom tags)
Custom Covered Composition Notebooks (1 notebook)
Custom Memory Games (fabric-15 matches)  or (photographs-12 matches–must be able to either mail or e-mail pictures)
Custom Flash Cards (Not laminated.  Can be laminated for additional fee.)  ABCs, 123s, Name, Multiplication 1-5, Addition 1-5, Subtraction 1-5

If you are the winner, I would ask that you come back to my blog & post a comment about your product when you recieve it, or if you are a Diaperswappers member submit feedback explaining your opinion of my product.

Also, because all of my work right now is considered a tester-I will need your permission to post pictures of your product on my blog, website, and post on Diaperswappers.  (Please do not apply if you would not want me to post pictures of your product.) 

I will use a Random Number Generator to choose a winner. 

Click here to check out all the other great Bloggy Giveaways!  One word of caution–before you click this link make sure you have PLENTY of time!  I just spent more than an hour reading & commenting on the first 25 blogs!  I have added 5 new blogs to me Google Reader! 

Thanks & happy Blogging!




  1. Leigh said

    I love notecards, so this is what I would be interested in:)

    thanks for your give away and good luck!

    you can check out my give away as well:)


  2. Gale said

    I’d love the Custom Memory Games –sounds like something my children would enjoy!

  3. Smellyann said

    I want to win! Hehehe! Custom note cards, please, ma’am. I’m going to make some, too! Not anytime soon, though… down the road. Are ya gonna enter mine? 😀

  4. Victoria said

    Custom Memory game. My 2 year old is almost old enough to start playing those kinds of games and I’d love to have something unique for her!

  5. Cheryl said

    I love the custom note cards. Such fun.

  6. Renee said

    I ‘d pick the custom thank you cards. I never can keep a thank you card in my house.

  7. Beth said

    I’d love one of the custom memory games with photographs of family members-what a fabulous idea!!

  8. acupofjoy said

    Note cards…I do a lot of correspondence!


  9. Emma said

    The notecards would be nice–I send lots of cards!

  10. I would love the custom note cards. thanks!
    Please check out my giveaway at

  11. Custom Covered Composition Notebooks

    With school starting I think my step daughter would love one of these to show off to her friends. 🙂

    killlashandra at hotmail dot com

  12. melanie said

    I would love the custom memory game in fabric. My daughter would love this and I would like the fact she can’t tear them.
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  13. Cristina said

    I’d pick the “Custom Greeting Cards”. Handmade greeting cards always brighten my day up way more than store bought ones. I think it holds true for most people.

  14. Linda said

    ooooh the custom memory game sounds like a great idea! I would love to try that.

    Great giveaway! I have a couple running over at my other blog
    (backpack and Melissa & Doug toys)

  15. geri said

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!! Please include me!
    the custom memory games

  16. Katrina said

    I would like the gift tags. =) Thanks!

  17. Tammy said

    I’d love a matching fabric game to give to my nephew! Thanks for the chance.

  18. I am a teacher so I would love some Die Cuts for the school year. Any holidays are great (or even apples). I am a middle school computer teacher, but the kids love decorations so I try to keep up.

    It’s nice to meet you Stephanie. I can see why your blog is private – you are a teacher too! Do you make your own mama cloth? I like how you phrased that. I haven’t tried doing that, but I think I am interested because I like the idea of them.


  19. GrnMtnGirl said

    I’d like the customized scrapbook pages!

  20. kristen said

    i heart your fun giveaway . . . looks like you offer some really cool things! i would hear the abc flashcards! thanks!


  21. sara l. said

    I think both the notecards or notebook would be great! Thanks for such a thoughtful giveaway!

  22. Maureen said

    I’d like memory cards. Thanks!!

  23. Go Amie said

    I think I would like the custom composition book best. Thank you.

  24. Dawn said

    I would choose the Custom Covered Composition Notebooks because my hubby just got deployed and I want to start a journal while he is away of all the crazy and silly things our 3 kids do for him to read when he gets back. Like our son just started crawling yesterday…it only took him until he was 11 months old and daddy leaves LOL.

  25. Kelly said

    With school starting and college classes I would love Custom Covered Composition Notebooks. Thank you so much for a great giveaway.

  26. Ginny said

    I’d love the 12 x 12 scrapbook page!

  27. What a great idea. The custom memory game sounds like so much fun.
    I know the kids would love that.

    Please enter me

    Homeschooling mom of 6

    Come and enter my contest
    free lesson plans Choose from Apples
    2008 Election or Math game ideas for all .

  28. Kathie said

    I like either cards or tags. Thanks for the chance to win. Visit mine at

  29. How fun. I would love to win some custom gift tags for Christmas. I suck at wrapping so maybe that would spruce up my gifts a bit.

  30. Marlena said

    I’d love the memory game to use with my students at school! Thanks for the chance! m_huston(at)hotmail(dot)com

  31. Stephanie said

    I would love the custom Flash Cards probably the ABC’s!!

  32. princessesindisguise said

    I would love some Thank You cards.

    Kathy (mom to the Princesses in Disguise)

  33. Terra Heck said

    I’d love a 12×12 customized boys birthday scrapbook page.

  34. Kyra said

    A custom fabric memory game sounds great!

  35. monica said

    Love the gift tags!

  36. angel said

    Custom Greeting Cards (2 custom cards) would be my choice. I’d happily post here AND DS!

  37. Sarah said

    i would love a custum covered composition notebook! gorgous!


  38. Belinda P said

    I would love some custom scrapbook pages. Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. The memory game would be so neat for my daughter! Thanks!

  40. Sweetpeas said

    The fabric memory cards intrigues me.

  41. Courtney said

    I would like the custom note cards.

  42. Rebecca said

    As an avid journaler, I like the covered notebook. Thanks for offering a great prize and the opportunity to win it!!

  43. Kristan said

    Custom memory game with fruits and vegetables…my girls need to be introduced to the passion of their dietitian mama!

  44. tonya said

    I would LOVE the Custom Memory Game for my 5 yo daughter. This would be a great way to help here remember names of family she doesn’t get to see as often!
    thanks for the entry 🙂
    tonyamcrain [at] aol [dot] com

  45. Junglewife said

    I’d love the custom memory cards for my kids! Sounds like a neat business you are thinking about starting!

  46. Ellen said

    My choice is the Custom Covered Composition Notebook – it will be eye-catching to carry it to meetings! Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. Linda said

    I would love the gift tags…I can never find a card when I need it, and this is a great way to add a little something to the packaging! Great, unique giveaway! Thank you!

  48. Lynn Homeier said

    I would love the customized scrap book page.

    I can be reached at

  49. Tisha said

    Custom note cards would be great! Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  50. Shannon said

    I would love the custom scrapbook layouts. I love to scrapbook everything to do with my son Tristan.

  51. Renee said

    If I were to be choosen, I would love a Custom Covered Composition Notebooks – would be so nice to to put my thoughts into . . .I love to journal!
    Thanks for offering such a great giveaway!

  52. Christine said

    Custom note cards for my son would be so cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. amandasue said

    If I won I’d pick the custom memory game, sounds fun and my daughter loves memory games!

  54. Hi Stephanie,

    All of the choices look too good! I wouldn’t know what to pick!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! 🙂

    ♥ Melissa~

  55. audra said

    I think that a customized memory game would be so much fun! Thanks so much for the great giveaway!

  56. Liz said

    I can always use more thank you cards.
    fivewinks (at) cox (dot) net

  57. Jacqueline in Atlanta said

    Custom covered comp notebook. Sounds lovely and I journal, so that is what I would use it for.

    Thanks for the Giveaway!

  58. Britni said

    I’m gonna go with 2 custom greeting cards!

  59. Stacy said

    Custom Memory Games sound like a lot of fun! I would love the chance to check out your blog as well! Thanks 🙂

  60. Richelle F said

    The die cuts would be fun!

  61. donna said

    I would love some Sizzix die cuts!

  62. Molly Capel said

    The custom memory game sounds awesome!

  63. Melissa M. said

    I’d pick the Custom Note Cards, I think. 🙂

  64. Melanie Dawson said

    I would love the custom composition notebook. Thanks!

  65. Estelle S. said

    I’d pick the custom notebook. I still keep journals and would love to have a new fancy one!

  66. michelle rosborough said

    I like the Custom Thank You Cards because I’m always writing out thank you notes

  67. Ilissa H. said

    I’d love the Custom Greeting Cards (2 custom cards) in a christmas theme. I’m thinking ahead 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  68. Julie said

    I would love the flashcards! That would be fantastic!!!


  69. Storm said

    I would pick the Thank You cards – and would gladly write a review about them!

  70. Tara said

    I would love custom thank-you cards!

  71. Chrysa said

    I would choose the Custom Memory Games (fabric-15 matches) because it is both cute and fun.

  72. Rodney K said

    I hope to win this for my wife, thanks for having the contest. She is big into scrapping so would like the page thanks.

  73. Just popping over from the MomDot forums!

    The item I would pick is the fabric memory game. I think that seems like the most unique item to me. They also sound more durable than the photo memory game (which sounds very cool btw).

    This is such a fun giveaway! Thanks for hosting it!!

  74. Andrea said

    Ooooh! I would love the custom covered notebook so I can jornal my “love notes” to my son to read when he grows up. That would be awesome! Thanks for the contest!

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