Anniversary Vacation: Day 2

Well, today was a pretty good day.  Tim & I slept in until 11 & 10:30 respectively.  Then we spent a lot of time doing nothing & laying in bed.  I think it was around 3 when we headed to Toyota.  I told Tim we should call first but he wanted to drive out there.  They weren’t able to take the truck today, so we’ll bring it back for service on Monday.  After that we stopped by the library to return & renew my books on our way home.  We spent some time on our computers & then I did my call-ahead for my Mystery Shop at Texas Roadhouse.  Then it was time to head out to dinner.  We had a LOVELY dinner.  We pretended we’d never been there before & got a free sampler.  After dinner, Tim dropped me off at Kohl’s so I could do our anniversary gift shopping.  He went to Best Buy, Lowe’s and Wal-Mart.  He bought The Sword in the Stone’s 45th anniversary edition while he was at Best Buy.  Then he came back to Kohl’s.  We both tried on clothes for a long time before we finished at 9:30. 

When we got home I tried on all my new outfits (and some old mixtures for Tim). 

I got new Avia Sneakers and a new bra.  I also got a purple dress, a teal tank top and a teal/brown paisley print skirt, a purple sleeveless button down collar shirt & a purple & black skirt, a lt. blue or periwinkle tank top with a collar, a purple striped sweater, a salmon & brown skirt, a brown pullover dress top, and brown dot skirt.  All together I got 13 things.  Which can be combined with what I own to make more than 12 outfits for work! Yay! I should be able to go at least 2 weeks without repeating an outfit now!  Yay!  I also feel & look good in everything I bought.  I still need a new pair of black pumps (got any recomendations?) and a pair of slightly dressy brown sandals. 

Tim got a pair of black pleated Docker’s golf pants, a black short sleeve shirt, a black Docker’s golf polo, and a blue/beige long sleeve button down. 

We put 3 shirts on hold for him as well.  I think they were all black with stripes.  We’ll use our $50 in Kohl’s cash to go get those on Monday. 

After I showed off my clothes, Tim modeled his.  Then we watched The Sword in the Stone while I did my report & Tim played on the computer. 

Now, I think it’s bedtime!


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  1. Smellyann said

    Sounds like a good day! I can’t wait to see the new clothes 😀

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