Anniversary Vacation Day 3

Well today was a good day! I started off with a nightmare about returning to work.  Basically, the kids came back on the same day as my first day back & I had 0 time to set up my classroom!  (These are the WIERD things teachers have nightmares about!)  I had to scramble to get things CLEAN (dusty) and organized enough for the kids…I was wearing jeans & sneakers…and not my pretty NEW outfit…I was SO bummed/stressed/upset/tired/sad about it.  It woke me up WAY early & I couldn’t go back to sleep. 

Tim slept in & then we spent the entire morning & early afternoon bumming on our computers & in bed.  I reheated last nights left overs for lunch & then we got moving.  Around 3ish we got to Busch Gardens.  I think we rode like 3 things while we were there.  We met up with Tim’s parents & sister.  We had a snack in Italy & then dinner in Italy too!  I got a HUGE cotton candy (like a foot and a half square!) for $4.  I swear that’s the only thing in the park where you get what you pay for. 

Around 8:30 we decided to leave the park, so we trekked back to “Bavaria” which is where we parked (yes the auxilliary to the auxilliary!) and headed homeward.  We decided to go see a movie so our first stop was Cinema Cafe.  Nothing good was playing there, so we headed to Regal Cinemas.  It was 9:30, and Wall-E was scheduled to play at 9:25.  The clerk said it hadn’t started yet & only 13 people bought tickets so we jumped in! 

I was disapointed.  I LOVE the premise of the movie (basically TRASH killed Earth & all the humans have been living in outer space for 700 years on a spaceship.  They have gotten fat & lazy.  Then they realize that there’s life on Earth & head back to make a better world.)  BUT, it was seriously lacking.  I am not even sure we’ll BUY this one.  This is major–our DOG’s name is WAZOWSKI.  As in, Mike from Monster’s Inc.  We generally love all things Pixar/Disney.  We were pretty psyched about this movie & it flopped pretty big time for us.  I do not recommend you spend the money to see it in theaters.  Wait for the video! 

Next up.  Tim and I are going to start looking into the “Get Paid to Drive” gimmicks going on.  I would totally advertise for someone else for free gas + cash each month!  If you know anything about it, please post & let me know!  Thanks! 

Well, I think we’re off to bed!



  1. Rachel said

    Oh, I’m having flashbacks. I ALWAYS had those nightmares when I was teaching. Aren’t they horrible????

    Have a fantastic Monday!
    (visiting from Mom Bloggers Club)

  2. Smellyann said

    Bummer about Wall-e! I was really looking forward to it! We probably never would’ve seen it i the theaters though, so that’s all right. I can’t believe it was such a huge downer! Sorry!

    Sounds like you guys are having fun though! 😀

  3. “I got a HUGE cotton candy (like a foot and a half square!) for $4. I swear that’s the only thing in the park where you get what you pay for. ”

    OMG…I’m making my way there RIGHT now to get some cotton candy…it’s the one thing I look forward to at theme parks/carnivals/concerts.
    It sounds like you had fun. Sorry Wall-E was a flop for ya. I’m waiting for a rental, myself.

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