Anniversary Vacation Recap

 OK, so I think I left off with Sunday.  We slept in (and skipped church) and then went out to breakfast at I-Hop.  They were celebrating an anniversary too!  I had pancakes & Tim had an omolette as usual.  After breakfast, we swung by the pharmacy & got my Rx for the 1500 mg of Metformin.  (I had already been taking 1500 mg for about a week.)  We also got the Sunday paper, 6 Composition Notebooks (50 cents each!), and a People.  Then we went to the mall to take in a movie, but nothing was playing yet & the tickets weren’t even on sale!  So we stepped RIGHT next door to Pearle Vision.  Their eye exam center was open & so Tim made an appointment to get his exam.  Yay!  While he was being seen, I checked out the glasses & narrowed my selection down to 2 or 3 pairs.  When Tim came out, we found some glasses for him too.  We ended up buying his right then & there!  They should be here by next Friday.  Then we high tailed it back to Cinema Café for Indiana Jones @ 3:45.  That was OK.  Tim says I need to see the other Indie movies to see that this one kind of sucked.  I enjoyed it though.  Then we ran to Wal-Mart for milk & butter, and what the heck, they had school supplies on sale, so I stocked up on Crayola goods for 88 cents each!  (25 boxes of crayons & then a handful of markers & colored pencils).  Then we went home, I did some chores around the house, Tim fixed the lawnmower & cut a tiny bit of the grass & we generally putzed around, being lazy.  After that, we headed out with the doggies to take the truck over to the dealership for our drop off appointment.  (Tim’s stereo is broken, in his 2 month old truck!)   When we got home, we went to bed.


Monday was a lazy day.  We tried to go to DMV, but there was a line, so we skipped it.  Then we went to the bank & got the paperwork signed for our now 2 year missing Savings Bond.  Then we mailed it at the post office.  After that we went to Pearle Vision and asked my eye doctor to fax my Rx to them.  Then we went up in the mall for some lunch.  I had Chick Fil A, Tim had Sarku Japan.  Then we wandered a bit, we even ran into Tim’s friend Nick from work.  (His wife is expecting in 5 weeks!)  After we got my eye glasses we left & headed home.  Tim cut the grass & I helped pick up sticks & debris.  Then I came in and did some dishes & started dinner.  We had left over spaghetti for dinner.  It was good.  I also got a call from my good friend at school who is 25 weeks pregnant. (are you seeing a pattern here?)  We are going to “do” lunch on Friday!  We were pretty lazy Monday night & I don’t have anything else on my notes. 


Tuesday was our actual anniversary.  We have been married for 2 years & together for almost 5.  Tim went out & got a dozen Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.  I had 1 and then we started to get ready to go to DMV to get Tim’s name put on my registration, only to find out that you need the Title to get that done.  So we got the paperwork, but didn’t get it taken care of.  We need his name on my registration so that he can get Base stickers for my car, so we can carpool.  After that we went to Kohl’s to get Tim’s shirts off of hold.  Only when we got there, we decided to just buy him some full priced shirts because they are his favorite.  He ALMOST bought a purple one, but put it back at the last minute.  I LOVE purple & I would LOVE to see my man rock a purple dress shirt.  Maybe, for Easter.  After that, we ran to Wal-Mart for a pregnancy test, which you know was negative.  After Wal-Mart we went to Cinema Cafe for  Iron Man at 12:45, because Tuesday is their dollar day.  We got 2 movie tickets a bucket of popcorn & a pitcher of coke for $10.50 with tip!  We both thoroughly enjoyed the movie.  I think we might buy it.   I had a RAGING migraine by that point, so we headed home after the movie.  When we got home, I went to bed.  Tim woke me up around 5 & we started getting ready to go to Captain George’s.  We both got all spiffed up (I even wore make-up!) and left around 6:30.  We had the buffet & both ate until we were stuffed.  Mmm mmm…crab legs!  and mmm..mmmm….fried clam strips.  Oh, I love that place!  I had a strawberry daquiri while we were there & it was worth every penny we paid for it!  After that, we went to Applebee’s for dessert & drinks.  We got a Blondie to share.  Tim got a Mudslide & I tried a Long Island Iced Tea for the first time.  The first few sips made me crinkle my face, but after that I was a-ok.  We had a nice long, relaxing time together.  Then we headed home & went to bed!


I REALLY enjoyed our “lazy” week together.  We ended up not saving any money, over what it would have cost to go out of town, but we did a LOT more than we would have if we had gone away!  I saved tid bits from here & there & had a hostess take our picture while we were out to dinner, so I plan on making a collage frame from this week for our walls. 


Today was back to business as usual.  I picked up the chillens & Chrissy & we had a good day.

I played Easy Bake Oven & the girls swam in the pool.  I got some cute pics, but WordPress is a pain to upload pics to.  So, you’ll have to see the prints! 


Tim and I went to Moe’s for dinner!  We had to try it, after all the hype Melanie gives the place!  It was OK, but not as good as Qdoba in my opinion.  It does help that it is only 10 minutes away & not 30 though!  They also have $1 kids’ meals on Sunday, which is good to keep in mind. 


Now, its time for bed I think!







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  1. Smellyann said

    Welcome to MOE’s! 😀 Dude, it totally rocks. What did you order? I always get the Triple Lindy, Rob usually gets the Homewrecker. The kids always get the mini masterpieces.

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