I can see the _____!

Yay!  I can see again!  Tim & I just picked up our new glasses!  I can see folks!  No more scary driving in the dark or not knowing just how close that car REALLY is! 

We also picked up our Soul Coughing cd.  It has “our” song, Circles on it!  We danced to it at our wedding.  It’s a fun, goofy song & we love it.

I am SO beat.  I cut the grass while Tim did the trim work last night & it really wore me out.  I HATE cutting grass but it was SO nice out (in the 70s) and it needed done.  I didn’t get a good night’s sleep, due to more back-to-school nightmares.  So, I am pooped.

Chrissy’s kids were ugh, bad, today.  They were all 3 tired & cranky & whiny.  The Baby didn’t take a nap until noon & then for only an hour & a half!  The big girls were fighting one minute & playing together the next.  I hate days like today!

Good things to look forward to 1. Bunco! 2. My parents are coming & we can swim in the hotel pool Thurs-Sat! 3. We are going to go to the beach. 4. I can go to bed as soon as dinner is done (if I wanted to) 5. We are going to watch Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium tonight!



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  1. Smellyann said

    Holy shit! I went to a Soul Coughing concert when I lived in St Pete, Fl. I haven’t heard of them in so long!!

    Yay for new glasses. Wear them tomorrow night, I want to see!

    Why are you having nightmares? 😦 I’m sorry you’re stressing about BTS.

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