If I could upload pics, I would…

If I could upload pictures I’d totally be doing it right now.  For the first time in a year (since May 07) my Arts & Crafts supplies are unpacked, organized, and ready for full-on crafting! 


WAHOO!  Celebrate with me people!  I am SO excited!  I have spent the last couple of days getting in the office in my spare time & organizing/cleaning!  I started this project the week after school got out & I finished it the week before I go back to work, so I can honestly say, it took ALL summer! 

The office is by no means, finished (hello, we still have TONS of boxes in the garage) but I can scrap or sew, anytime I want now!  Yay!  (Well as soon as my machine is fixed!) 

Just wanted to share the good news!


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  1. Smellyann said

    Why can’t you upload pics? Ya got my cords for that!! I want to see!

    Congrats! Come help me do mine now? 😀

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